Revolutionary single-pass wash system

Ultra-pure, single-pass wash system

Our technology integrates line design, water purification and sanitizing agents to deliver tighter chemical control and increased throughput.

Line Design

Our common sense line design removes organic material as a first step.The single-pass wash process eliminates recirculated water as a media for cross contamination and results in increased sanitizer potency with as little as 5% of the chemicals used on high organic commodities.

Water Purification

Single-pass is now not only possible; it’s an economic and sustainability win with our water purification system. Reduce water consumption by a minimum of 50% while improving efficiencies and avoiding future costs.

Sanitizing Agent

Simply Clean® is compatible with multiple sanitizers, allowing processors to broaden pathogen control and adapt with innovations in the market. Our PLC system is customized per commodity, delivering unprecedented control and efficiency. Live data recording and analytics with automatic sanitizer injection and line shutoff create the ultimate package.