Food Safety

Revolutionary single-pass wash system

Finished product in distilled water
Left: Flume | Right: Simply Clean®
Cleaner water = cleaner, fresher vegetables

Developed as a way to eliminate water as the media for cross contamination, our patented technology reduces food safety risk while delivering more sanitizing capability with fewer chemicals.

Food Safety Benefits Include

  • Target chemical ranges maintained
  • Exudate free wash water
  • Less pH and free CL fluctuation
  • Elimination of recirculated water as a media for cross-contamination
  • Reduced enclosed harborage sites on processing equipment
  • Ability to run multiple sanitizers: Effective against broader range of bacteria, including gram positives such as Listeria
  • Customizable wash water volume for commodity specific efficiency and food safety
  • More efficient to clean and sanitize equipment
  • IEH validation