Revolutionary single-pass wash system

Simply Clean’s® pioneering technology revolutionizes food safety while conserving water and chemical resources and increasing throughput.


Wash Water Flume vs. Simply Clean®
Left to right: Flume A, Flume B – label obscured
Simply Clean® – label visible

Benefits Include

  • Consistent wash water control: target ppm Cl and pH are achieved and maintained
  • Increased sanitizer strength delivered with reduced chemical use
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Interchangeable screen size for foreign body removal
  • Changeover time reduction
  • Customizable wash water volume for field debris removal
  • Elimination of recirculated water as a media for cross-contamination
  • Exudate-free wash water
  • Reduced downtime versus immersion wash systems
  • Throughput increase
  • Smaller line footprint
  • Shelf life odor and color improvement for finished product
  • Compatibility with multiple sanitizers; broader pathogen control including gram positives
  • Reduced enclosed harborage sites
  • Increased equipment sanitation efficiency
  • Reduced off-gassing
  • Live data tracking and sanitizer control